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August 22, 2018 1 min read

Leeva graduated with a B.S. in Life Sciences. She was sponsored through the Windhorse Foundation. She grew up in the DeeKhumPha Orphanage School.  She went to college during the day, and worked two jobs in the evening and weekends to earn $100/month at the same time.  Her mother who lives 4 hours away in a remote village, sent her to the orphanage school when she was 12.  This gave her the chance to get a high school education.

Dream: Get a good education to earn money, and help my younger sister, so she can go to college like me, and have a better life.  I love to sew in my spare time. 

Success:  Leeva now works for the Swiss Red Cross in Luang Prabang full-time, while managing Halo2Go's Laos operations, finance and all of the team. 

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