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April 01, 2019 2 min read

Best Travel Scarf With a Hidden Zipper PocketThere is nothing like traveling and having to keep up with all your valuables. Instead having one of our infinity scarves that are handmade in Laos which comes with a hidden zipper pocket is the perfect choice to keep both the most important pieces of your identity safe while traveling abroad or anywhere. When it comes to finding a scarf you are not always looking for warmth, but more so comfort, a cover, and most important a nice fashion accessory. We have had so many customers tell us how the scarf not only made travel easier but also gave them a peace of mind.

Some Popular Uses For our Infinity Scarf

  • Keeping your passport or wallet safe
  • Extra money while taking a day trip
  • Tickets for a special event you are attending
  • ID, Money and a snack for your next festival

These were just some of the main ways our customers enjoyed using the Halo2go infinity scarf with the hidden zipper pocket. We know that the zipper pocket is useful but seeing how each customer uses them differently really makes this the best travel scarf.

Different Inifinity Scarf Styles

We have a wide range of styles to fit your fashion needs such as our ELEPHANT - BLUE BATIK, LIONS &TIGERS, and even our PAISLEY just to name a few. No need to stop there go check out our Infinity Scarfs collection and find the exact one that you like. All of our women's scarfs are handmade with love from women in Laos, with the purpose of helping them create a better life. When the hidden zipper pocket scarves are made, they create opportunities for education, business skills, and income for the people making them. Not only will you find these beautiful women's scarfs but also HMONG FABRIC MULTI-PURPOSE BAGS, clutches, and other amazing handmade items.

So the next time you are planning a trip to a foreign land and want to keep your passport handy and safe, or if you are ready to be fashion first for your next festival, then pick up the best travel scarf with a hidden zipper pocket and know that you have what you need and look great at the same time.

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