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April 10, 2020 1 min read

Halo Infinity Scarves ( are being used by our customers as a multi-purpose infinity scarf and face mask for the current Covid-19 pandemic.  You can insert a coffee filter, filtering material or paper towel to create a makeshift face mask to cover your mouth and nose and prevent germs coming your way.

Consider face coverings as an extra layer of protection for yourself and others.  This is most effective when used in combination with handwashing, physical distancing and staying home as much as possible.

The Halo scarf is not a medical or certified produce and is recommended for private use, use it only as a supporting aid.  It does NOT protect against viruses, it provides an additional barrier between you and others.

Protect Yourself and Others.  Use it as a face mask or as a useful scarf with the hidden zipper pocket to secure your daily accessories, phones, tissue, hand sanitizer, money and credit card. 

It's great for everyday use as a face mask, fashion or travel scarf.  Used in over 20 countries and by over 3000 customers.



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