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June 02, 2018 2 min read

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter!  Halo2Go has been busy laying the foundation for many young women to have a path to a brighter future.  Empower, Engage and Educate is our mission, and we are so pleased to share the following updates on the women and activities that your purchases have made possible.
We had a great Winter and Spring. Sales are steady and growing. Halo2Go scarves and items have traveled 2 over 15 countries and with summer on its way, who knows where 2 next!!
Most important of all, the Halo2Go team is happy, earning income for their education, their families and their future lives. The Laos Team consists of young women who grew up in orphanages, the Luang Prabang Deaf Center, or poor remote villages. They either go to college, aspire to go to college, or want to earn income for their families.  Average wages are $4.00 day.  Additional income from Halo2Go scarves helps fund their education and supplement their income to have better lives.
Success for Everyone:
1. Luang Prabang Deaf School
Halo2Go is partnering with the Luang Prabang Deaf-Mute Center to sew Halo2Go infinity scarves.  The women are very excited to earn money, and to gain sewing skills for new crafts to sell with Halo2Go.

2. Dominican University Barowsky School of Business
Halo2Go had a great semester working with Business School students for their Spring semester project to determine how best Halo2Go can expand in the University market and promote social activism and sales.  They recommended social media approaches and provided excellent recommendations for Halo2Go’s success in the university market.  We all had a productive project and fun along the way. THANK YOU Justin Howard and the Barowsky School of Business Team.

3. OSKA Wellness Partnership
OSKA is a super cool and effective pain prevention device used to alleviate chronic pain using PEMS (Pulsed Electromagnetic technology) to alleviate pain from inflammation.  OSKA CEO, Greg Houlgate and Retail Sales Director, Jodi Cole ordered custom made HALO’s to insert and secure the device as a fashionable alternative to the strap that comes with it.  The Halo2Go team is proud to be partnering with OSKA,,  who believes in social consumerism and is helping transform young adults lives.

4.  College Sponsorships  - Achieved 2 of target of 5 for 2018
Halo2Go is happy to announce college sponsorships for 2 new girls from the orphanage starting in September 2018.  The goal is to send 5 new students this year.   Each Halo2Go item purchased is a path to another young woman’s future.  New Summer Items have arrived. Check us out on or contact me directly, as not all scarves are posted on the website.  Another avenue to send a young student to college is to donate, which has sponsored over 70 students the past 7 years.   I am a Board Member, and this gives you a tax free deduction.  Feel free to contact me at for more information. 

Happy Summer, Thank you and enjoy your HALO's wherever you go...! We love when you send us pictures of them being used, and when you share the HALO story with others.

Lorna, Justin, Leeva and the Halo2Go team

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