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HALO's Team



HALO’s team is a great group with many contributors including:

Lorna Bender, Founder and CEO, Justin Howard, Co-Founder and Marketing Director, and Leeva Nopoyengva, Laos Manager and Lead Seamstress.  The enterprising sewers  grew up in the local Orphanage and Deaf-Mute Center and remote Laos villages. 

They create FabuLAOS products that carry your valuables daily when you are on the Go. HALO’s goal is to help Laos women & men learn valuable business skills and achieve self-sufficiency enabling them to have better lives.

Lorna Bender, a Founder, spent 35 years in the high tech industry with extensive business experience in Asia, and worldwide.  In 2014, she began sponsoring education programs and joined the board of Windhorse Foundation ( She works with, raising funds and mentoring many young adults transitioning from local orphanages to college. She now works with the Luang Prabang Deaf-Mute Center as well where many young women sew and weave items for their craft shop onsite. 

Justin Howard, co-founder, has been in education for the last decade as a para-educator and has worked with many young children with disabilities and aspirations to learn and become more self-sufficient. 

Leeva Nopayengva, Laos Manager grew up in an orphanage from the age of 12-20.   She was a top student, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Life Sciences in 2017, and has done handicraft as a hobby all her life.  

The rest of the team are young adults working hard to earn money for themselves and families.  

Many of them have graduated from college, and now work as teachers teaching primary school in remote villages, or work in government ministries or the hospitality industry. Typical wages are $50 to $200 month.  Other young women want to go to college:  the funds help sponsor them for an education and pay their way through school.

Halo2Go will supplement their income, helping them be more self-sufficient as they aspire to earn money, attend schools and support their families.

Entrepreneurship, Economic Empowerment and Education transform their lives.  HALO2Go’s mission is to help them own their futures and have more choices for better lives.