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Paisley - Turquoise, Light Pink/Bronze - Pashmina Infinity Scarf

Halo2Go Fall and Winter Scarves are beautiful, light and practical.  Protect your valuables inside the reinforced  hidden zipper pocket and have peace of mind wherever you go!  Use your Halo2go everywhere everyday, whether it's for a hike, somewhere outdoors or for a splash of style.


Stay Warm, Travel Safe!

Material: Soft Pashmina 

Dimensions:  Length 29" (73cm)
                      Height 10" (25cm)
                      Zipper: 8" length  x 9" height


Care Instructions:
Hand wash lukewarm to cool water with liquid wool laundering soap. Swirl the scarf slowly and rinse the scarf two or three times under cool running water. Lay a towel down, and then lay the scarf flat.